D&L Auction Barn

 17319 North Seton Avenue Emmistburg, Md

Friday and Monday: 12pm-6pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am-3pm


How D&L Auction Operates

Here’s What We Provide

Commission Sales

We provide selling service at reasonable commission rates. The rate are 35% items hammered for under 500.00, 25% items sold at 501.00 and over, 15% for gold/cars/guns/coins. We will sell your unwanted items, storage clean out, downsizing items and much much more.

Estate and Property Selling

We can sell either your estate items or property or both. We can also purchase the estate items from you. We offer estate clean out at a rate of 80.00 per hour.

Auction Days

We will have planned auctions on Sundays. On the day of the auction you get yourself a number and go have fun! Bid away get items you want and thing you think are just really neat. There will something for just about everyone.



Pay Us a Visit

Friday and Monday 12pm-6pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am-3pm

Flea Market Pottery

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Auction number: 50287

See a more detail description of what we will have at the upcoming auction!



Dan and LuAnn Moser

Co-Owners / Founders

Dan and LuAnn founded D&L Auction Barn in 2020. Despite the impact of the pandemic, the couple has found a way to make their passion project work, and that is all thanks to you - our customers! Dan and LuAnn welcome you and your family to the new and improved D&L Auction Barn in Emmittsburg, MD!